Monday, July 20, 2015

CFP Children and Media (7/20/15; SCMS 2016)

CFP: SCMS 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia - Panel on Children and Media, Disney, Nickelodeon, Gender, Girls etc.

Discussion published by Christina Hodel on Friday, July 10, 2015

Children, Teens and Everyone In-between: Youth Media

This panel is intended to explore representations of childhood/children on screen. The panel is currently broadly conceived and is open to submissions relating to other aspects of children’s media although topics relating to girls and gender are highly encouraged.

Some possible suggestions for topics are below, but again, please apply if anything related to children and media (and especially gender) is part of your thesis.

·         Disney, Nickelodeon and other producers of children’s media content
·         Child gender and sexuality issues
·         Race, Culture, Class and Children
·         Children and relationships
·         Advocating for children
·         The dark side of childhood/children
·         Child perpetrators and victims of violence on screen
·         The status of children’s films and/or family films in terms of genre
·         The commercial and/or aesthetic aspects of children’s media
·         The reception of children’s media
·         Participatory video or child-led cinema
·         The liminality of childhood and its relation to questions of nationhood on screen
·         Aspects of film and television that teach us about current constructions of childhood
·         How films/television resist/undermine contemporary constructions of childhood
·         How media helps us better understand the role of children in a given societal context
·         How media shed light on the relationship between children/adults
·         Depictions of childhood understood as metaphors for specific cultural phenomena
·         Societal anxieties embedded in media featuring children
·         Explanations of how ideas regarding childhood have affected movies and television

Proposals should be sent to Christina ( and consist of a 250 word abstract, a list of three keywords, and a brief biographical statement listing your title, the name of your college or university, and your areas of research.

Deadline to submit is July 20, 2015.
Decisions will be communicated by July 25, 2015.

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