Monday, August 5, 2013

Science Fiction Studies for July 2013

The latest number of Science Fiction Studies is now available. It is a mixed bag of essays, as the following contents list details. Clicking the links below will take you to abstracts for the essays. :

Science Fiction Studies

#120 = Volume 40, Part 2 = July 2013

  • Neil Easterbrook. Cognitive Estrangement is Us: Youngquist’s Cyberfiction After the Future
  • John Huntington. Future Wars: Krome’s An Anthology of Science Fiction War Stories, 1914-1945 and Seed’s Future Wars  
  • Allen/Williams’s Afterimages of Slavery (Isiah Lavender III) 
  • Atwood’sIn Other Worlds (Csicsery-Ronay, Jr.) 
  • Bould’s Science Fiction (Steven Shaviro) 
  • Brooke’s Strange Divisions and Alien Territories (Jerome Winter) 
  • Dick’s The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick (Umberto Rossi) 
  • Layton’s The Humanism of Dr. Who (Elizabeth Lundberg)
  • Lindow’s Le Guin and Moral Development (Stina Attebery) 
  • Miller/Van Riper’s 1950s “Rocketman” TV Series and Their Fans: Cadets, Rangers, and Junior Space Men (Lincoln Geraghty) 
  • Otto’s SF and Transformative Environmentalism (Gerry Canavan) 
  • Scheerbart’s Lesabéndio, trans. Svendsen. (William B. Fischer) 
  • Sellars/O’Hara’s Interviews with J.G. Ballard (Umberto Rossi)  
  • Another Look at Leinster’s “Four Little Ships” (Edward Wysocki)             
  • Response from the Author (Thomas Barrett)     
  • Corrections (Rob Latham and Sherryl Vint)         
  • Octavia E. Butler Celebration (Nalo Hopkinson)               
  • 2014 PKD Festival (Umberto Rossi)         
  • Stanley Kubrick Returns to LA (Pedro Groppo)
  • 2013-14 Mullen Fellows Announced (Rob Latham)         
  • 2013 New Genre Army Conference (Christos Callow Jr.)              
  • Women and Science Fiction (Joan Gordon)        
  • ICFA 2013 (Stina Attebery)         
  • Eaton/SFRA 2013             
  • Biohacking and Synthetic Biology (Karin Tybjerg and Louis Whiteley)   

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