Wednesday, April 17, 2013

NEPCA Fantastic 2013 Updated CFP

Here's the revised CFP for this fall.


Online at NEPCA Fantastic:
2013 Conference of The Northeast Popular Culture/American Culture Association (NEPCA)
St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont 25-26 October 2013
Proposals by 10 June 2013

Formed in 2009, the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Legend Area celebrates its fifth anniversary in 2013, and, in commemoration of this event, we seek proposals from scholars of all levels for papers that explore the interrelationships between the various aspects of the intermedia traditions of the fantastic (including, but not limited to, elements of science fiction, fantasy, fairy tale, gothic, and legends) and how creative artists have altered our preconceptions of these subtraditions by producing, in diverse countries and time periods and for audiences at all levels, innovative, genre-crossing or (perhaps) genre-breaking works. Please see our website NEPCA Fantastic ( for further details and ideas.

Presentations will be limited to 15-20 minutes in length (depending on final panel size). If you are interested in proposing a paper or panel of papers, please send a copy of the NEPCA Paper Proposal Form (appended below) with your proposal of approximately 250 to 400 words AND a one-page CV to both the Program Chairs AND to the Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Legend Area Chair at the following addresses (please note "NEPCA Fantastic Proposal 2013" in your subject line):

Program Chairs:
Robert Niemi (
Jennifer Tebbe-Grossman (

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Legend Area Chair:
Michael A. Torregrossa (

The Northeast Popular/American Culture Association ( was founded in 1974 as a professional organization for scholars living in New England and New York. It is a community of scholars interested in advancing research and promoting interest in the disciplines of popular and/or American culture. NEPCA’s membership consists of university and college faculty members, emeriti faculty, secondary school teachers, museum specialists, graduate students, independent scholars, and interested members of the general public.

NEPCA is an independently funded affiliate of the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association. Membership is open to all interested parties, regardless of profession, rank, or residency.

NEPCA holds an annual conference that invites scholars from around the globe to participate. In an effort to keep costs low, it meets on college campuses throughout the region.

Membership in NEPCA is required for participation. Annual dues are currently $30 for full-time faculty and $15 to all other individuals. Further details are available at (see the "Membership Information" tab). =================================================================== NEPCA PAPER PROPOSAL FORM (please include in your email) (Send a one-page CV to the program and area chair when you submit this form)

Name: (Exactly as you’d like to see it listed. (No titles listed.)

Affiliation: (As you’d like to see it listed. (Choose just one. If none at present, use Independent Scholar.)

E-mail: (List the one you consult most regularly.)

Phone: (List the one you use most.)

Abstract: Please confine this abstract to 250 to 400 words. Bear in mind that it must be understandable to a committee, some of whose members may not be experts in your discipline. NEPCA also encourages the use of “plain”speech over specialized jargon.

===================================================================== Michael A. Torregrossa Science Fiction, Fantasy and Legend Area Chair
34 2nd St Smithfield, RI 02917
Visit the website at

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