Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Demystifying Disney from Continuum

Demystifying Disney: A History of Disney Feature Animation
by Chris Pallant

Imprint: Continuum
Pub. date: 28 Jul 2011
ISBN: 9781441174215
184 Pages
Hardcover: $110.00


Demystifying Disney: A History of Disney Feature Animation provides a comprehensive and thoroughly up-to-date examination of the Disney studio’s evolution through its animated films. In addition to challenging certain misconceptions concerning the studio’s development, the study also brings scholarly definition to hitherto neglected aspects of contemporary Disney.

Through a combination of economic, cultural, historical, textual, and technological approaches, this book provides a discriminating analysis of Disney authorship, and the authorial claims of others working within the studio; conceptual and theoretical engagement with the constructions of ‘Classic’ Disney, the Disney Renaissance, and Neo-Disney; Disney’s relationship with other studios; how certain Disney animations problematise a homogeneous reading of the studio’s output; and how the studio’s animation has changed as a consequence of new digital technologies. For all those interested in gaining a better understanding of one of cinema’s most popular and innovative studios, this will be an invaluable addition to the existing literature.

Table of Contents

Section One—Re-examining Disney
Chapter One: Disney Authorship
Chapter Two: A History of Innovation?
Section Two—Early and Middle Disney Feature Animation
Chapter Three: Disney-Formalism
Chapter Four: Destino
Chapter Five: Disney in Transition
Section Three—Contemporary Disney Feature Animation
Chapter Six: The Disney Renaissance
Chapter Seven: Neo-Disney
Chapter Eight: Digital Disney
Conclusion—Happily Ever After?
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Chris Pallant, Dr. Chris Pallant is a Lecturer in Film and Digital Media at Canterbury Christ Church University, UK.

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