Friday, August 13, 2010

New: Extrapolation 51.1 (Spring 2010)

Extrapolation Volume 51 Issue 1 (Spring 2010)


  • Darren Jorgensen and Helen Merrick. "Introduction: Making Science Fiction Histories", 5-12
  • M. Elizabeth Ginway and Roberto de Sousa Causo, "Discovering and Re-discovering Brazilian Science Fiction: An Overview", 13-39
  • Debjani Sengupta, "The Wondrous Traveler: Leela Majumdar and Science Fiction in Bengal", 40-52
  • Mark Bould, "Revolutionary African-American Sf Before Black Power Sf", 53-81
  • Sylvia Kelso, "Out of Egypt: Histories of Speculative Fiction and Carole Mcdonnell's Wind Follower", 82-99
  • Robert Savage, "Paleoanthropology of the Future: The Prehistory of Posthumanity in Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey", 100-12
  • Stephen Dedman, "'Murder in the Air': The Quest for the Death Ray", 113-33
  • Darren Jorgensen, "The Numerical Verisimilitude of Science Fiction and EVE-Online", 134-47
  • Andrew Milner, "Tales of Resonance and Wonder: Science Fiction and Genre Theory", 148-69
  • Ken McLeod, "The Indifference Engine: How Science Fiction Contributes to the Public Understanding of Science, and How It Doesn't", 170-5


  • Carl Freedman reviews John Rieder's Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction, 176-183.

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