Thursday, August 5, 2010

CFP: Faery Lore & Dreams -- Spec. Issue of Coreopsis A Journal of Myth and Theatre (8/20/10)

Call for Submissions: Coreopsis A Journal of Myth and Theatre
Location: California, United States
Call for Papers Deadline: 2010-08-20 (in 15 days)
Date Submitted: 2010-07-12
Announcement ID: 177463

CFP Vol 2 # 3: Autumn: Faery Lore & Dreams Submissions: August 20 peer review: Sept 15. Publication: November 1, 2010. The 2010 Autumn issue of Coreopsis will be on Faerie Lore and Dream Theatre (including all "flavors" of performance: music, performance art, public ritual, etc. - inspired by faerie lore, dreams & dreaming). As well as research papers, works from theatre technicians and all artists and performers are encouraged to submit. Full CFP:
CFP Winter: Vol 2 # 4: Musing upon Euterpe: Electric and Acoustic Music of Our Times. Submissions open until December 20, 2010. Seeking referees. To celebrate the opening of the Grateful Dead archives at the University of Santa Cruz, this issue will examine the classical and popular music of our times as it is used in ritual and performance. From the stadium rock show to the trance-inducing meditative chants of spiritual traditions and kirtan, how does music influence modern mythic theatre arts? Was/is there a "golden age" of rock? What is the place of the "rock opera" in the overall picture of classical styles? How has music enhanced public forms of ritual, especially in ritual theatre? With a special emphasis on rock in all of its forms and influences over the past 40 years, send submissions electronically with "Vol 2 # 4" in the subject line.

Published quarterly. Submissions are welcomed at any time. Articles, essays, and book, audio recording or performance reviews on any aspect of folk, mythic, and ritual theatre are accepted for peer review and eventual publication. Because this is a broadly based publication, "any aspect" includes classic, modern, and folk theatre, other types of performance including music, dance, drama and comedy; theatrical-based research, musicology, faerie lore, folklore, historical and anthropological research, theological aspects, mythopoetic analysis, shamanic and dream research, art, artistic considerations, and the technical aspects of mounting productions through history and across cultures.

Style and length: While there is no hard and fast rule concerning length, articles should be between 3,000 and 10,000 words in length. Our preferred stylistic format is MLA 6th edition or APA - 4th edition. Both are equally accepted. Be consistent and precise in your citations and references. Coreopsis does not publish creative works, excerpts from books, or papers that have been published elsewhere.

For essays, article, and column suggestions, please consult the submission guidelines:

Send all submissions to: "Editors":

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