Monday, July 20, 2015

CFP Tarot/Divination Area (10/1/15; PCA/ACA 2016)

CFP: Tarot/Divination at the 2016 PCA/ACA conference

Discussion published by Emily Auger on Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's time to submit proposals for the Tarot and Other Methods of Divination area at the Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association (PCA/ACA) conference in Seattle March 21-25 (Monday through Friday), 2016. Possible topics may include, but are not limited to,

a) any aspect of the traditional or innovative uses of Tarot, astrology, cartomancy, I Ching, numerology, runes, tarot, tasseomancy, etc., such as counseling, fortune-telling, and gaming, etc.

b) the history and analysis of any of these practices, including relevant individuals, organizations, objects, texts, etc.

c) the history and analysis of representations of any of these practices in comics, drama, film, graphic novels, literature, television, etc.

All participants should be prepared to present their work as scholarly research and/or for the benefit of an interested audience of academics.

Submissions should be made to the conference website and should include an abstract or proposal (100-250 words), a short biography (100-150 words), and CV.

Deadline: The conference submission website closes Oct. 1, 2015.

Queries welcome.

Emily E. Auger, PhD

PCA/ACA Conference website:

Personal website with faq page for the area:


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