Friday, April 25, 2014

Science Fiction Studies for March 2014 Now Available

Science Fiction Studies

#122 = Volume 41, Part 1 = March 2014

  • Andrew Ferguson. Unearthing the Shaver Mysteries: Nadis’s Ray Palmer’s Amazing Pulp Journey and Toronto’s Richard Shaver, Ray Palmer and the Strangest Chapter of 1940s Science Fiction.
  • Wendy Gay Pearson. Sex-as-Discourse vs. Sex-as-Practice: Ginn and Cornelius’s Essays on the Carnal Side of Science Fiction     
  • Jaymee Goh Sook Yi. Steaming into the Retro-Future: Taddeo and Miller’s A Steampunk Anthology   
  • Attebery/Hollinger’s Parabolas of Science Fiction (Elana Gomel)     
  • Banerjee’s We Modern People: Science Fiction and the Making of Russian Modernity (Mike Davis)   
  • Blaim’s English Utopian Fictions, 1516-1800 (Patrick Parrinder)  
  • Coelsch-Foisner/Herbe’s New Directions in the European Fantastic (Paweł Frelik)  
  •  Condry’s The Soul of Anime (Takayuki Tatsumi)   
  • Croft’s Lois McMaster Bujold (Rebecca Holden) 
  • Gaillard/Goffi/Roukhomovsky/Roux’s L’Automate: Modèle Métaphor Machine Merveille (Marie-Hélène Huet)  
  • Grebowicz/Merrick’s Adventures with Donna Haraway (Joan Gordon)
  • Holden/Shawl’s Science Fiction, Feminism, African American Voices, and Octavia E. Butler (Gerry Canavan)
  • Miller’s Exploring the Limits of the Human (Graham J. Murphy)   
  • Smith’s John Brunner (Jeffrey Hicks)   
  • First English Translation of Jules Verne’s Travel Scholarships (Paul Alkon)
  • Frederik Pohl, 1919-2013 (Rob Latham)
  • D.C. Art Science Evening Rendezvous (DASER) on SF (Alana Quinn) 
  • Writing Another Future: SF, the Arts and Humanities (Brandon Jones) 
  • Conference on the Posthuman (Francesca Ferrando)
  • News from the South (Diego Samuelle Guillén)
  • The David Hartwell ’63 SF Symposium (Paul Park)           
  • Adapting (to) Philip K. Dick’s Perceptual Play (Rubén Mendoza)
  • On Tomberg on William Gibson’s Bigend Trilogy (David Ketterer)  
  • Author’s Response (Jaak Tomberg)  
  • Corrigenda (Franz Rottensteiner, Jordana Rosenberg)
  • CFP: SF/F Now and Irradiating the Object: M. John Harrison at Warwick University (Mark Bould)  
  • Notes on Contributor

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