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CFP Spec Issue on Border Crossings (12/1/13)

A head's up courtesy the American Literature Association (pdf at

Journal of American Drama and Theatre
Deadline: December 1, 2013

“The border is not merely a wall or a body of water. It is a force of containment that inspires dreams of being overcome and crossed…”
Ramón Rivera-Servera and Harvey Young, Performance in the Borderlands (2011)

The American Theatre and Drama Society invites submissions for the Spring 2014 issue of the Journal of American Drama and Theatre.

Borders have been conceived of as sites of tension, violently maintained boundaries that define, divide, contain and exclude, and as sites of hope, inviting resistance, transgression, crossings, and straddlings that open up endless possibilities for re-namings and re-formations, inclusion, and multiplicity. This special issue centers the border as both an imagined concept and a material reality, in the theatre of the Americas. It seeks to explore how the existence of borders and the movement across them has captured the attention of theatre artists and has modeled ways of thinking about the performance of identity. Contributors are invited to consider the relationship of American theatre and performance to conceptions of “borders” and acts of border crossing or straddling in the widest possible terms. Submissions may address theatre and performance (broadly construed) from across the Americas, North and South.

Possible topics include but are not limited to:

  • American Theatre and Drama during politically contentious historical eras (e.g., the Great Depression or the Cold War)
  • The Politics of translation/adaptation
  • Hybridity and/or fluidity in dramatic form or style of production (Realism/nonrealism, notions of “Neo” and “Post” etc.)
  • Issues of gender, sexuality, race, and/or ethnicity
  • Inter/trans-disciplinarity in performance texts, process, and/or production
  • Inter/trans-national and inter/trans-cultural exchanges in performance texts, process, or production
  • New media

Manuscripts (4000-6000 words) should be prepared in conformity with the Chicago Manual of
Style, using footnotes rather than endnotes. Articles should be submitted as e-mail attachments,
using Microsoft Word format. Please note that all correspondence will be conducted by email.
Submissions must be received no later than December 1, 2013; please email articles to
Cheryl Black,

Authors do not need to be a member of the American Theatre and Drama Society to submit an
article, but submissions from members are especially encouraged. (For more information about
the society, see

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