Monday, August 5, 2013 Concerns

Not to turn the blog into a soapbox, but readers might be interested in the fact that (and all its global affiliates) have removed all customer-uploaded images from its network in favor (apparently) of those images supplied by sellers. Thus, many products now have inadequate information on the site; out of print books no longer have cover images, DVDs and Blu-rays no longer have information on extras, and older CDs no longer have track information. The problem is worse for electronics and their accessories, as many customers have remarked. Extended discussions of this issue can be found in two forums on under Customer Uploaded Images DISCONTINUED!?!?!?! and Customer images gone? .

If you're also concerned about this change, which does irrevocably alter how many of use Amazon, please complete the survey Feedback on Customer Uploaded Images and Videos at

Michael Torregrossa
Blog Editor

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