Saturday, April 27, 2013

Humor & Horror/SF/Fantasy CFP (4/30/13 MPCA/MPCA)

Humor & Horror/SF/Fantasy
Location: Missouri, United States
Call for Papers Date: 2013-04-30 (in 4 days)
Date Submitted: 2013-03-26
Announcement ID: 202555

Dear Humor & Horror/SF/Fantasy Scholars, this is your invitation to SUBMIT to the Midwest Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association annual meetings in St. Louis, MO, from Friday through Sunday, October 11-13, 2013.

Going too far in these genre may actually just be considered a good starting point, and genre-bending is invited. Don't resist. You want to submit. You need to submit. Nothing good is off-limits.

All details are available from this page <>.

Is Chuck Palahniuk truly transgressive horror, a postmodern Arthur Machen, or more like Christopher Moore tweaking on meth with a beat up copy of Gray’s Anatomy in his lap? Why wasn’t John Dies at the End the next Naked Lunch? Was The Cabin in the Woods a revival of “smart horror” or was it just a prequel for the revisioning of Evil Dead? Think The Walking Dead is yet another tragicomic soap opera? What about the writings of “humanistic humorists” such as Vonnegut, Twain, or Carlin? What of posthumanism? What can an “Americanist perspective” gain from the mad genius of giallo or Theatre du Grand-Guignol, or, for that matter, Alan Moore, Florence Foresti, Eddie Izzard, Roald Dahl, Peter Jackson, Aldous Huxley, or Ricky Gervais? Beyond the obvious, that is. But you don’t have to limit yourself to that humor/horror mashup if it’s not your thing. What of the classic horrific humorists/ironists such as H.H. Munro, Shirley Jackson, Washington Irving, or Dorothy Parker? Has “web2.0” (Twitter, YouTube, indie web movie sites, blogs, that stuff) significantly changed the way humor or horror/SF/fantasy gets distributed or consumed in some way that’s not obvious? If so, was Serenity proof of it, or the exception? What else ya got? Straight-up humor or horror or SF or fantasy? Dandy!

John A Dowell
Michigan State University
434 Farm Lane, Rm 202, Bessey Hall
Phone: 517.884.3686
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