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Mythlore Fall/Winter 2012

The latest number of Mythlore is available for purchase from The Mythopoeic Society. Contents as follows:

Mythlore 119/120
Volume 31, Issue 1/2
2012 Fall/Winter
204 pages

Table of Contents

—Janet Brennan Croft

Yggdrasil and the Stave Church
—G. Ronald Murphy, S.J.

The Inklings Remembered: A Conversation with Colin Havard
—Justin T. Noetzel and Matthew R. Bardowell

The Steward, The King, and the Queen: Fealty and Love in Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and in Sir Orfeo
—Sue Bridgwater

Charles Williams’s Anti-Modernist Descent into Hell
—Lydia R. Browning

The Wondrous Orientalism of Lord Dunsany: Traditional and Non-traditional Orientalist Narratives in The Book of Wonder and Tales of Wonder
—Alyssa House-Thomas

Reciprocal Colonization in the Irish Fairy Tales of Lord Dunsany
—Erin L. Sheley

Changing the Story: Transformations of Myth in Yeats’s Poem “Cuchulain’s Fight with the Sea”
—Roxanne Bodsworth

Grief Poignant as Joy: Dyscatastrophe and Eucatastrophe in A Song of Fire and Ice
—Susan Johnston


Burdge, Anthony S., Jessica Burke, and Kristine Larsen, eds. The Mythological Dimensions of Neil Gaiman. (Reviewed by Birns, N.)

Fastitocalon: Studies in Fantasticism Ancient to Modern. #2.1&2 (2011). (Reviewed by Croft, J.B.)
Frankel, Valerie Estelle. Buffy and the Heroine’s Journey: Vampire Slayer as Feminine Chosen One. (Reviewed by Croft, J.B.)

Hiley, Margaret. The Loss and the Silence: Aspects of Modernism in the Works of C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Charles Williams. (Reviewed by Ordway, H.)

Honegger, Thomas, ed. Tolkien in Translation. (Reviewed by Sims, H.J.)

Honegger, Thomas, ed. Translating Tolkien: Text and Film. (Reviewed by Brown, S.)

Jennbert, Kristina. Animals and Humans: Recurrent Symbiosis in Archaeology and Old Norse Religion. (Reviewed by Auger, E.E.)

Mallorn: The Journal of the Tolkien Society. #53 (Spring 2012). (Reviewed by Croft, J.B.)

North Wind: A Journal of George MacDonald Studies. #30 (2011). (Reviewed by Croft, J.B.)

Reno, Frank D. Arthurian Figures of History and Legend: A Biographical Dictionary. (Reviewed by Williams, D.T.)

Sandner, David. Critical Discourses on the Fantastic, 1712-1831. (Reviewed by Young, J.)

Stirling, Kirsten. Peter Pan’s Shadows in the Literary Imagination. (Reviewed by Wiggins, K.M.)

Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review. #9 (2012). (Reviewed by Croft, J.B.)

Trout, Paul A. Deadly Powers: Animal Predators and the Mythic Imagination. (Reviewed by Walker, L.)

Wolfe, Judith and B.N. Wolfe, eds. C.S. Lewis and the Church: Essays in Honour of Walter Hooper. (Reviewed by Christopher, J.R.)

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