Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dissections Spring 2011

Here are the details of the Dissections: The Journal of Contemporary Horror Vol. 6:


Interview with Elizabeth Miller
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Tooth Fairy by Kathy Davis Patterson: 1

Interview with Suzy McKee Charnas
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Communion by Kathy Davis Patterson: 2

Interview with Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
by Gina Wisker
Artwork: Longing by Kathy Davis Patterson: 3

Writing in a Different Vein
by Lawrence C. Connolly: 4

Woman with a Chainsaw
by Judith Kerman
Jack Knife
A Stabbing
Harsh Light
by Nicholas Alexander
Artwork: Repose by Kathy Davis Patterson: 5

Inner Vampire
by Jaleen Grove
The Thing That Vampires Fear
by Nenad Jakovljevic
Zombie Sonnet
by Jamieson Ridenhour
Resistance, Transformation and Heroism in Blade
by Anthony Hernandez: 6

A Fragment
by Diane Mason
Artwork by Andrew Selwood: 7

Challenging and Restoring Normacly in Stoker's Dracula and Matheson's I Am Legend
by Sarah Benton: 8

Victim vs Companion: The Vampire Consumed by Love
by Barbara Gaddy: 9

Discovering Dramatic Horror
by Thomas K. Fagerholm: 10

Rotted Soil
by Sam Williams: 11

Timbuk 2
by Liam Wisker: 12

Extract from Serbian Nocturnal Sheriffs, Chapter XII: 'Choices'
by Nenad Jakovljevic: 13

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