Monday, April 23, 2012

Polish Association for American Studies Annual Conference CFP (Proposals 7/31/12)

Polish Association for American Studies Annual Conference,17-19 Oct. 2012, Puławy n/Lublin, Poland

The Conference addresses the problems and issues concerning Americascapes, or sceneries that have emerged at the cusp of culture and environment as a result of the process of their interaction in the course of American history. We hope to provide a forum for scholars in various disciplines ranging from literary history, history, sociology to political science and economics. You are invited to discuss, in English or Polish, questions and issues connected with (but not limited to) the following problems:

•American public space as a social, political and cultural phenomenon
•Reading city-scapes and their meaning
•History of urban parks (Olmstead’s Central Park)
•Historical, Political and Environmental issues concerning National Parks
•Amusement parks & Disneyland
•America as a Garden
•The development of American suburbia
•American countryside and provincial America
•Landscapes of Southern trauma and memory
•The significance of wilderness in American culture
•Political and social tensions inherent in the dynamic landscapes of the American frontier
•Historical, Political, Social and Environmental issues concerning Indian Reservations
•Hybrydity and borderland landscapes
•The significance of marine-, sea- and ocean-scapes in American literature and cultu
e •America as a techno-scape
•The relationship between internal and external scapes in American tradition
•American dreamscapes and mindscapes
•Nineteeth-century American hybrid art: panoramas
•The significance of models and miniatures in American literature
•Celluloid skyline: cinematic representations of American city-scapes
•Representations of urban environment in comic books
•Virtual landscapes and their various uses in American culture
•Computer games and their scenery/landscapes
•Scenery archeology in contemporary American mass culture
•Foreign scenery as constructed and construed in American fiction and poetry
•Monuments in public space and the politicization of landscape
•Landscapes and mindscapes of minority experience
•mythicization of American space (the myth of Aztlan in the Southwest and California)

The deadline for submitting paper proposals is 31 July 2012. Panel proposals are welcome The paper abstracts of 200-300 words, and in the case of panels 600-900 words, should be sent to the address: 

Kamil Rusilowicz
John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin
Department of American Literature and Culture
Al. Raclawickie 14, 20-950 Lublin, Poland
Phone: +48 81 445 3942

Visit the website at

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