Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Science Fiction Studies 38.3

The latest issue (38.3) of Science Fiction Studies arrived today. Here are the contents from their website. Hyperlinks are to abstracts of each paper.

Science Fiction Studies 

#115 = Volume 38, Part 3 = November 2011


  • Mike Davis. Ward Moore’s Freedom Ride

  • Istvan Csicsery-Ronay, Jr. Sound is the New Light: Whittington’s Sound Design and Science Fiction 
  • Carl Abbott. The Imagination of Disaster, Revisited: Page’s The City’s End and Yablon’s Untimely Ruins.
  • Jess Nevins. Defining Steampunk: Ashley’s Steampunk Prime, Bowser/Croxall’s “Steampunk, Science, and (Neo)Victorian Technologies,” and VanderMeers’ Steampunk II 
  • Jerome Winter. Lab Coats, Not Straitjackets: Allen’s Master Mechanics and Wicked Wizards and Kirby’s Science, Scientists, and Film 
  • Bolton/Csicsery-Ronay, Jr./Tatsumi’s Robot Ghosts and Wired Dreams (Hajime Nakatani)
  • Meehan’s The Fusion of Science Fiction and Film Noir and Botting’s Limits of Horror (Carl Freedman)
  • Bould/Butler/Roberts/Vint’s Fifty Key Figures in SF (Eric S. Rabkin)
  • Cherry’s Horror (Kimberly Hall)
  • Chu’s Do Metaphors Dream of Literal Sheep? (John Rieder)
  • Fowler/Notkin’s 80! Memories & Reflections on Ursula K. Le Guin (Elizabeth Lundberg)
  • Gomel’s Postmodern Science Fiction and Temporal Imagination (Joshua Raulerson)
  • Hampton’s Changing Bodies in the Fiction of Octavia Butler (Arianna Gremigni)
  • Mendlesohn/James’s A Short History of Fantasy (Kristin Noone)
  • Rich’s C.M Kornbluth (Joe Sanders)
  • Thaler’s Black Atlantic Speculative Fictions (Mark Young)
  • Urbanski’s Essays on New Media Rhetoric (Lisa Yaszek)
  • Books Received
  • Campbell, “Doc” Smith, and the CIC (Edward Wysocki)
  • William Wilson (Richard Bleiler)
  • Mullen Research Fellows for 2011-12 (Rob Latham)
  • “Must-Read” SF (Carol McGuirk)
  • New Associations, Conference Reports, Translation Awards, CFPs
  • Volume Index
  • Notes on Contributors
  • “For-a-While”: Remembering Joanna Russ (1937-2011) 

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