Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mythlore 30.1-2 Contents

As promised, here are the contents of the latest Mythlore. It can be purchased direct from The Mythopoeic Society:

Mythlore 115/116

Volume 30, Issue 1/2
2011 Fall/Winter
196 pages

Table of Contents

—Janet Brennan Croft
Beowulf: The Monsters and the Critics” Seventy-five Years Later
—Michael D.C. Drout
Thresholds to Middle-earth: Allegories of Reading, Allegories for Knowledge and Transformation
—Andrew Hallam
The Pearl Maiden’s Psyche: The Middle English Pearl and the Allegorical-Visionary Impulse in Till We Have Faces
—T.S. Miller
Is a “Christian” Mystery Story Possible? Charles Williams’s War in Heaven as a Generic Case Study
—Sørina Higgins
Into the Lion’s Den: Joy Davidman and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
—Don W. King
Christian, Norse, and Celtic: Metaphysical Belief Structures in Nancy Farmer’s The Saxon Saga
—Marek Oziewicz
The Great War and Narnia: C.S. Lewis as Soldier and Creator
—Brian Melton
The Lord of the Rings’ Interlace: The Adaptation to Film
—Emily Auger


  • The Making of a Mystic: New and Selected Letters of Evelyn Underhill. Ed. Carol Poston. (Reviewed by Joe R. Christopher)
  • From Girl to Goddess: The Heroine’s Journey Through Myth and Legend. By Valerie Estelle Frankel. (Reviewed by Janet Brennan Croft)
  • The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West. Ed. Randall E. Auxier and Phillip S. Seng. (Reviewed by Ruth Berman)
  • C.S. Lewis’s Lost Aeneid: Arms and the Exile. Edited with an Introduction by A.T. Reyes. (Reviewed by Richard C. West)
  • The Ring and the Cross: Christianity and The Lord of the Rings. Edited by Paul E. Kerry. (Reviewed by Harley J. Sims)
  • Fastitocalon: Studies in Fantasticism Ancient to Modern 1.2 (2010); Journal of Inklings Studies 1.1 (March 2011); VII: An Anglo-American Literary Review 27 (2010); and Tolkien Studies: An Annual Scholarly Review 7 (2010). (Reviewed by Janet Brennan Croft)
  • Tolkien and the Study of His Sources: Critical Essays. Edited by Jason Fisher. (Reviewed by Mike Foster.)

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