Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eureka Update

SyFy has done it again, and another fan favorite series is dead. According to an article at Spinoff Online, Eureka had been green-lighted a six-episode season to tie up lose ends, but SyFy has now reneged and canceled the series out right at the end of the upcoming (and, apparently, already completed) season 5, . Fans of other popular SyFy and Sci-Fi shows (remember Farscape, for example), will no doubt recall similar circumstances that lead to their premature demise. Not to be too paranoid, but, my only question is what's next SyFy? Warehouse 13 and Sanctuary are now three years old; has their time run out as well? Is any show safe? (Besides the very, un-SyFyish ECW, of course.)

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